Pyrotechnic Safety Awareness Course


This illuminating course in pyrotechnic safety uses hands-on activities to give participants a thorough learning experience. Designed by Just FX, a world-leading special effects company with over 25 years’ experience, the course explores the techniques and risks involved with pyrotechnics.

On the course, delegates will be separated into small groups and required to set up and ignite effects, using the control systems and pyrotechnic devices provided. This will demonstrate their understanding of the principles covered and reinforce learning.

The latter part of the course will require the same groups to reunite, working together to provide a small presentation using professional devices including Grid Rockets, Flames, Airbursts, Saxon Wheels, Waterfalls, Mines and Comets.

Equipment and devices used, demonstrated or viewed during the course include products from: 

  • Le Maitre – ProStage
  • Skyhigh
  • Theatrical Pyrotechnics
  • Wells

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Pyrotechnic Safety Awareness Course

Element 1 Workshop presentation
Element 2 Live device demonstrations
Element 3 Videos
Element 4 Dispelling myths about pyrotechnics
Element 5 Observation exercise
Element 6 Delegates pressing buttons
Element 7 History
Element 8 Accidents
Element 9 Flame proofing
Element 10 Maroons & concussions – Bomb tanks
Element 11 Flash pots, jets & gerbs
Element 12 Series wiring
Element 13 Testing
Element 14 Law
Element 15 Storage
Element 16 HSE Competent authority document
Element 17 Risk Assessments
Element 18 Material Safety Data Sheets –COSHH
Element 19 Transport emergency Cards – TREM
Element 20 Theatrical Pyrotechnics
Element 21 Wells
Element 22 LunaTech – PyroPak

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Course Duration

1 day

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